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IntriPlex Technologies is a global manufacturing company headquartered in California, focused on advancing battery technology through breakthrough precision forming of cell components. We have a broad product innovation portfolio with widespread global market impact in multiple industries.


30 years


We’re a trusted precision metal battery component designer and supplier for carmakers and major markets around the world.


25 billion

parts produced

Our high-speed precision metal stamping technology enables high volume and superior quality, ensuring reliable supply and capacity for the world’s largest battery manufactures.



patents granted

Our solution-oriented approach to business has led to significant developments, providing better products and fueling a competitive advantage for our valued customers.

Superior Technology &
Unmatched Capabilities

We take a science-first approach to solving problems, and our unique blend of decades-long laser focus on precision forming—combined with our track record of innovative developments—makes us unmatched in our field. At IntriPlex we embrace your challenges and join you in the pursuit of finding valuable solutions to your product designs and manufacturing challenges.


We design, develop and customize battery cell components to your specifications and application requirements. Our components contribute to enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and overall cost savings. What else? We support you through every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing.

At IntriPlex we offer more flexible, transparent, and efficient processes along the entire value chain of component design, development, and production to speed up time to market and ensure a more optimized battery. For more information on our range of battery components, our capabilities, and the IntriPlex difference, please contact us.

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exposed battery parts
IntriPlex is a precision metal battery component supplier

A Strategic Partner for the Development of New Ideas

At IntriPlex, we offer tailor-made solutions and services that fit your requirements seamlessly. This allows you to focus on your core business while we make sure risks are minimized, problems are solved, and the design, development, and production of mission-critical stamped components are executed where, when, and how you need them.

The Future of Battery Technology
for EV and Energy Storage

Belongs to designers & creators of Innovative solutions

At IntriPlex, we focus on the development of core technologies in precision forming to create new value and influence the future of mobility. Built on integrity and committed to value, our approach is simple: treat customers, their needs, and their budgets as if they were our own. We’re passionate about relationships and exceeding expectations.