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We don’t accept the status quo. You shouldn’t either.

IntriPlex Technologies was founded on the concept of manufacturing precision components using new and innovative technologies to create better products. We’ve done it time and time again for industries all over the world, and have built billions of parts along the way. But of all the things we build, our long-term customer relationships are our most prized accomplishments. Your success is our success. Are you ready to be your company’s supply chain hero?

Let us prove it to you


800 million

parts built in a year

Our high-speed precision forming technology and international facilities enable high volume.


30 years

in business

Prominent global companies trust us to fulfill their most complex component needs.



patents granted

We spearhead new discoveries that lead to better products.

Did you know?

We are innovators for precision forming. Our high-speed stamping process builds parts

25x faster

than the highest speed Swiss Screw Machine. That’s what we call efficiency!

Did you know?

Of all personal computers, more than


use our products. If you own a computer, there’s a good
possibility you are already using at least one of our products.

laptop with precision stamping metal hdd components

Our Innovation Center utilizes sophisticated analytical tools such as Finite Element Analysis for design, many advanced tools like Resonance Testers for mechanical performance evaluation, Laser Interferometry for surface evaluations, and an in-house Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS to understand alloy constituents in our raw material, all of which allow us to control our process and find new discoveries to push the envelope of capability.

Did you know?

We push the limits on more than just dimensional precision. Our most strict product cleanliness metrics routinely measure for particle contamination down to

0.0002 millimeters

That’s 50x smaller than the finest particle of pollen.

Did you know?

We utilize Statistical Process Control methods to ensure strict 1.5 Cpk adherence for critical parameters of more than

2.5 million

parts shipped per day.

Trusted worldwide


We are a global precision forming technology company based in Santa Barbara, California. Our team is fluent in innovation, engineering, and manufacturing. Our goal is to partner with our clients to solve the biggest problems in component design, performance, and cost.

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