The increasing demand for precision metal parts is found in many industries, pushing precision forming technology to the forefront of manufacturing. IntriPlex’s version of precision forming, which is akin to ultrahigh precision stamping, is a high-speed process (~10 parts/second) that has the capability of replacing traditionally machined or turned components. What used to take multiple seconds to produce using material removal processes can be done 25 times faster.

IntriPlex was founded on the idea that transitioning products from traditional removal processes to high-speed stamped methods meant lower costs and better capability, and we continue to prove this every day. The adaptability of IntriPlex’s precision forming technology, with custom tooling tailored to exacting requirements, has allowed us to displace many traditionally machined products with high-speed stampings. Thanks to its speed and cost-effectiveness, our precision forming technology is an ideal solution for manufacturing large quantities of intricate complex products.


Our precision forming technology uses precision presses and custom progressive dies to form metal into complete parts via automated processes well-suited for high-volume applications. A strip of metal is fed through a press and a custom die which cuts and forms the material in successive steps to produce your parts at a speed of 200 – 1,000 per minute. The raw material is manipulated to create specific geometry and then formed to create the extremely repeatable final shape and size to exacting precision. Through this single process, we produce more than 2.5 million parts per day.


Precision forming technology offers a fast, efficient, repeatable, and affordable solution for businesses requiring large-scale manufacturing of small (less than a cubic inch) precision metal components. Not all component designs lend themselves well to stamping, and it is common for design engineers to assume machining or another type of material removal method is the only option. IntriPlex’s success is built on being the first company in the world to stamp many industry-changing innovations, displacing the traditional methods.

IntriPlex provides precision formed products utilizing in-house die design, engineering, prototyping, performance testing, manufacturing, post processing, quality control, and support. Each project is customized to meet your specifications and requirements.


We Bring Solutions

We’re at the forefront of revolutionizing precision forming technology in key industries across the globe.

What can be achieved when science, intellectual curiosity, and years of extensive manufacturing experience and process technology come together?

At IntriPlex, every challenge is treated as an opportunity. We deploy advanced engineering and science, metrology, precision cleaning and automation to design, develop, and produce products and solutions tailored to specific applications. For the past 30 years we’ve been engineering ingenuity in precision forming technologies to develop new solutions and better products for our customers, always helping them stay ahead of emerging industry trends.

We have worked on many successful projects that have made a real impact on our customers’ businesses. Every day we come to work to push boundaries and to change how the world uses precision forming technology. We take pride in the work we do. Any stamping company can reinvent or create products, but few can say that they offer the chance to make history and help our customers transform their industry.

We invite you to explore some of our recent precision forming successes that have made an impact on the telecommunications and data storage industries.

Featured Solutions

fiber optic products made by precision forming

Fiber Optics


Our customer needed a crimp for a fiber optics application that could be made with high precision for lower cost at high volume. Machining technology was not adequate, so the customer investigated to see if precision metal stamping could provide an answer. They inquired with many metal stamping companies and were told that what they were asking for was simply not possible.

View solution and Results

The Solution:

We were contacted to develop a solution. Our highly specialized engineering team at our Innovation Center along with our master Tool and Die Engineers collaborated to develop an innovative precision forming process that delivered a more consistent, higher quality, and high-speed stamped fiber optics crimp.

The Results:
  • Size dimension control better than ±8 µm with Cpk>1.5.
  • Form dimension control better than ±6 µm with Cpk>1.5.
  • Selectable material properties for component performance, such as high elongation for crimp rings and high yield strength for bodies.
  • Salt spray corrosion resistance (GRE-326-CORE, EIA/TIA-455-16A) without plating or anodizing for increased surface quality and lower cost.
  • Optimized surface finishes for performance improvement, such as friction optimization and reflectance.
  • Production capacity of 500,000 units per week, per stamping tool.
hard disk drive products made by precision forming

Hard Disk Drives


The customer wanted a swage mount that was more consistent, less expensive, and could be manufactured in high volume quantities. Machining technology was failing to perform on any of these deliverables. Other metal stampers did not engage because the obstacles to finding a solution seemed insurmountable.

View solution and Results

The Solution:

Our select team of engineers and tooling craftsmen put their heads together and we became the first company to figure out how to use precision forming technology to make a swage mount through an innovative manufacturing process. The result was increased consistency, higher volume manufacturing quantities, and lower pricing.

The Results:
  • IntriPlex PowerPlate™ surface optimization technology boosts swage mount assembled joint strength up to 100%, enabling volume and mass reductions through component miniaturization.
  • IntriPlex swage mount flanges are manufactured and controlled with micron-level cupping and tip height biases to provide optimum assembly performance.
  • IntriPlex components are manufactured with controls on material particle cleanliness counts for particle sizes down to 200 nm.
  • Swage mount manufacturing efficiency of 10 parts/second and capacity of 20 million parts/week.

Finding Your Solution

For over 30 years, IntriPlex Technologies has developed a global reputation for world-class development and support. We employ advanced metrology tools which enable extremely tight tolerances and very high-volume manufacturing capacity. Our innovation portfolio in precision forming extends across a broad range of markets including medical, automotive, data storage, telecommunications, and computing. Want to know what we can do for you? Get in touch today!

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