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At IntriPlex Technologies, we’re not just manufacturers – we’re architects of the future. Specializing in high-volume, precision metal stamping and forming technology, we’re recognized worldwide for our engineering excellence, unmatched product quality, and a diverse innovation portfolio spanning numerous industries. While our legacy speaks volumes, our gaze is firmly fixed on the future. As the inaugural and only independent cylindrical lithium-Ion battery lid assembly manufacturer in the US, we’re trailblazers in advancing EV battery technology and manufacturing capability here at home. We’re headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and manufacture in the USA and Thailand. IntriPlex Technologies is more than a partner; we’re a catalyst for change.


35 years


We’re a well-seasoned and trusted solutions provider in high-precision stamped metal components and assemblies for lithium-ion cell manufacturers and other markets including data storage, fiber optic, and medical.


25 billion

parts produced

Our high-speed precision metal stamping technology enables high volume and superior quality, ensuring reliable supply and capacity for the world’s largest battery manufacturers.



patents granted

We are a technology partner; our commitment to research and development has led to significant developments in custom metal stamping solutions, fueling a competitive advantage for our customers.


We design and manufacture precision-stamped component solutions for the lithium-ion battery market. We offer prismatic and cylindrical structural components and lid assemblies designed to your application requirements and specifications. As a technology leader, our components enhance safety, reliability, and overall cost savings. What else? We support you through every step of product development through ultra-high volume manufacturing.

Battery Parts

For more information on our range of battery components, our capabilities, and the IntriPlex difference, please contact us.

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An IntriPlex Partnership
Offers Unparalleled Advantages

We design and supply industry leaders in EV battery and other technically challenging markets, with custom precision metal-stamped components that economically enhance product quality and reliability.

Our decades-long laser focus on precision metal stamping—combined with our engineering talent, manufacturing capability, and track record of innovative developments—makes our insight unrivaled, and our abilities unmatched in our field. We regularly disrupt industries by introducing precision-engineered stamped components for applications where it was once thought only machined products would suffice.

Today we play a critical role in meeting electric vehicle and energy storage demand with our proven expertise in high-precision metal stamping, full-service capabilities, high-volume manufacturing, and our talented engineering team.

IntriPlex is a precision metal battery component supplier

A Strategic Partner with Unmatched Capabilities

At IntriPlex, we offer tailor-made solutions and services that fit your requirements seamlessly. This allows you to focus on your core business while we make sure risks are minimized, problems are solved, and the design, development, and production of mission-critical stamped components are executed where, when, and how you need them.



At IntriPlex, we focus on the development of core technologies in precision metal stamping to create new value and influence the future of mobility. Built on integrity and committed to value, our approach is simple: treat customers, their needs, and their budgets as if they were our own. We’re passionate about relationships and exceeding expectations.