IntriPlex Technologies Welcomes Battery Pioneer Bob Galyen to Strategic Advisory Board

IntriPlex Technologies Welcomes Battery Pioneer Bob Galyen to Strategic Advisory Board

21 June 2024

The announcement is part of a long-term strategic initiative from IntriPlex to lead with global industrial excellence in the battery industry.

Santa Barbara, CA – IntriPlex Technologies, an innovator in metal stamping solutions for energy storage, announced today the appointment of Bob Galyen to its Strategic Advisory Board. Mr. Galyen brings more than 4 decades of experience in battery technology and international business to his role, with a significant track record of unique and highly sought-after leadership, innovation, and visionary perspective.

Mr. Galyen is widely regarded as one of the foremost executives in the battery energy storage sector and scientific and engineering-based communities. His extensive experience includes serving as the Chief Technology Officer of CATL, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s technological advancements and global strategy. In addition to his role at CATL, Mr. Galyen has held prominent positions such as Chairman of the SAE International Battery Standards Steering Committee and Chairman Emeritus and CTO of NAATBatt International.

“Bob has spent decades advancing battery technology, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to IntriPlex’s Strategic Advisory Board,” said David Dexter, President & CEO of IntriPlex Technologies. “He’s an extraordinary leader, and his invaluable experience and expertise will play an important role in helping IntriPlex lead with excellence in the energy storage industry.”

“I’ve always been drawn to companies that prioritize innovation and have a clear vision for the future. IntriPlex’s dedication to advancing energy storage technology resonates with me, and I am honored to join their Strategic Advisory Board,” said Mr. Galyen. “Together, we can drive meaningful change and create a more sustainable future.”

Mr. Galyen’s academic background in chemistry and biology, coupled with his 47 years of engineering experience, positions him as a distinguished expert in batteries. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and has contributed extensively to patents, publications, and various Boards of Directors and Technical Advisory Boards (TABs).

His international work experience spans five continents, giving him a visionary perspective on worldwide business dynamics. Mr. Galyen’s expertise extends across a wide range of battery systems, including Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid, and he presently works with over 8 different battery systems.

Mr. Galyen’s appointment further strengthens IntriPlex’s commitment to driving innovation and excellence in energy storage solutions. His vast knowledge and strategic insights will play a crucial role in guiding the company’s growth and technological advancements.

About IntriPlex Technologies:
Based in Santa Barbara, California, IntriPlex Technologies has been a pioneer in metal stamping technologies since 1987, driving advancements in manufacturing for lithium-ion batteries, fiber optics, data storage, and medical applications. Committed to ongoing innovation, IntriPlex continuously develops and masters new metal stamping technologies to propel product evolution, enhance lives, and accelerate the transition to clean energy.